Careforce Chronicle – Sept/Oct 2012
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Careforce Chronicle is the internal publication of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta network. We were asked to redesign the entire publication to elevate it from “newsletter” to magazine. Appealing to a wide demographic of primarily women from their 20s to 50s, this publication is clean, fun, and warm. We applied new corporate standards to the publication throughout, driving home the core values of Children’s, and strengthening their visual brand with each issue.

The publication evolves with each issue—we are constantly trying to keep the content and design fresh while remaining consistent with the overall look at feel. For this issue, we dropped some of the more handwritten or crafty elements to continue to elevate the look. By closesly working with the photographers, I was able to art direct the images to best work with the design and content to really tell the story visually.